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The plot lies in the southern part of the appellation.

The parcels with an easterly exposure at an altitude of 220 metres lie on a level bed of deep clay-limestone. The soil is fine and light.

These 1.66 hectares of old Pinot Noir vines were planted between 1941 and 1976 at a density of 10,000/ha.



Trained as Cordon de Royat, disbudded in spring, the vines are carefully managed. The soil is lightly ploughed and a third of the surface area of each plot is grassed down. During the summer, disease controls are applied sparingly. In July leaf-thinning is carried out by hand, surplus foliage is eliminated and the grapes benefit from increased sunlight. Air circulation is improved, and healthier grapes result. At the same time, depending on fruit burden, green thinning of the grapes ("vendanges en vert") may take place.


After maturity has been carefully checked, the grapes are harvested and taken to the vatting house in small bins. On a vibrating sorting table, insects and withered fruit are eliminated. From there the grapes fall onto a conveyor belt on which the grapes are picked over by a team four to six strong to remove sub-standard bunches. All stalks are removed and the grapes are taken to the vat by conveyor belt.

After 3-5 days of cold maceration, alcoholic fermentation begins.

During active fermentation, cap-punching takes place three times a day.

Once fermentation has slowed down, refining begins. The juice is tasted daily. After 15 to 20 days, the marc is put through the press and the resulting juices are cleared and transferred to barrels by gravity. The whole cuvée goes into 228-litre barrels of which 50% are renewed each year. These casks are made by local coopers. We choose fine-grained staves from the forests of the Allier, the Cher, or the Vosges massif..

After 12 months' maturation on fine lees the wines are blended and kept for several months in stainless steel tanks. Finings may then be added before the wines are bottled without filtration.

The wine:

In appearance, our Chassagne-Montrachet village rouge is limpid, with deep intense coloration. The perfume is of fresh red fruits, the oak is delicate and melting.

In the mouth its attack is silky, Tannins are present but delicate and contained within a powerful body. The finish is firm.

This cuvée yields some 4,500 bottles.

It may be drunk young but will be even more enjoyable in 3 to 10 years' time.

Enjoy it at 12°-15°C with a coq au vin.

* Alcohol abuse endangers your health. Drink only in moderation.

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