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Bourgogne aligoté


The wine comes from the regional appellation vineyards in the villages of Saint-Aubin and Chassagne-Montrachet.

Of the two Saint-Aubin parcels, one is east-facing at an altitude of 380 metres at the top of the hill-slope which borders La Rochepot. The soil is white marl. Area: 0.51 ha.

The second is east-facing at an altitude of 330 metres, on a level piece of shallow red soil. Area: 0.46 ha.

The Chassagne parcel is on level ground at an altitude of 220 metres with shallow clayey soil. Area 0.59 ha.

Total area: 1.56 ha. These are old (30-70 years) Aligoté grapevines planted at a density of 10,00/ha.


Pruning and training are on either the Guyot or the Cordon de Royat system depending on vigour of the plot. The vines are carefully managed and disbudding takes place in the spring when the soil is worked over and cleared of grass. During the summer, disease controls are applied sparingly. Green thinning of the grapes ("vendanges en vert") is carried out as and when required by control of yields.


After maturity has been carefully checked, the grapes are picked by hand and taken to the vatting-house in small bins where they are lightly crushed, put through a pneumatic press, and the juices allowed to settle. Low-temperature fermentation followed by elevage on fine lees takes place in stainless-steel tanks. Malolactic fermentation quickly follows so that by spring the wine is ready for bottling.

The wine:

Our Bourgogne Aligoté is crystal-clear in appearance and has a perfume of white flowers. The mouth has a slight tingle and is both fresh and appealing.

It should be drunk young to enjoy its freshness to the full.

Enjoy it, served at 10°-12°C, as an aperitif or with a light meal of jambon persillé.

* Alcohol abuse endangers your health. Drink only in moderation.

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