In both vineyard and vatting-house, rigour is the key-word - the strict adherence of everyone on the domaine to respect for our terroirs and for the environment.

vignes - Domaine larue, grands vins de Bourgogne

The coming of winter is the moment for pruning to begin. The countryside is misty. The vineyards are lit by the flames from the wheeled braziers in which the prunings are burned. Pruning and training are spread over nearly five months. The Guyot system is preferred for the Chardonnay, while Cordon de Royat is the norm for our Pinot Noir red-wine grapes. During winter dormancy, the vine-stocks are earthed-up.

Spring announces the beginning of a new annual cycle. The vine-stocks are de-earthed. In April the first leaves appear. At the beginning of May, the team start the work of "ébourgeonnage" (rubbing out unwanted buds). This is a crucial step in control of yields. Then the growing shoots are tied into the training wires to prevent them lying on the ground. "We like to see our vines tidy and in good order," say Didier and Bruno with a smile.

Spring is also the season when vine diseases such as mildew and oïdium can make their appearance. Chemical treatments are applied on a low-input basis. Throughout the summer, foliage is kept trimmed back. On some plots, leaves are thinned out to let more sun through to the grape-bunches. In July we may have recourse to green thinning (removal of unwanted fruit).

Ripening is closely monitored to determine the best date to start the harvest. Picking is done by hand throughout the domaine, using a team of some forty pickers. The action then moves to the vatting house and calm returns to the vineyards.

Vinification: white wines

Vinification: red wines

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